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Restrictions on withdrawals

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This information forms part of the Product Disclosure Statement for the BT Wholesale MicroCap Opportunities Fund (Fund) dated 3 April 2013 (PDS). You should read this information together with the PDS before making a decision to invest into the Fund.

This additional information is general information only and does not take into account your personal financial situation or needs. BT® is a registered trade mark of BT Financial Group Pty Ltd and is used under licence.

Restrictions on withdrawals

There may be circumstances where your ability to withdraw from the Fund is restricted. The following text contains further information on restrictions on withdrawals.

If the Fund is illiquid (as defined in the Corporations Act), withdrawals from the Fund will only be possible if we make a withdrawal offer in accordance with the Corporations Act. We are not obliged to make such an offer. However, if we do, you are only able to withdraw your investment in accordance with the terms of a current withdrawal offer. If an insufficient amount of money is available from the assets specified in the withdrawal offer to satisfy withdrawal requests, the requests will be satisfied proportionately amongst those investors wishing to withdraw from the Fund. Under the Corporations Act, a trust is illiquid if it has less than 80% liquid assets (generally cash and marketable securities).

The constitution of the Fund also contains specific provisions that provide us with powers in relation to withdrawals. The specific provisions in the constitution are summarised below.

Provision Explained
Payment of withdrawals by transfer of assets We may transfer assets to you rather than pay cash in satisfaction of all or any part of your withdrawal request. These assets (together with any cash paid to you) must be of the same value as the amount of your withdrawal. We may require you to pay for the costs involved in the transfer of the assets or we may deduct such costs from the amount payable to you.
Large withdrawals from a single investor If we receive a large withdrawal request from a single investor on a day which, in our view, would be likely to result in a withdrawal payment exceeding the specified limit (currently 5% of the Fund’s value) we can sell selected assets of the Fund that have a total value (as at the time the exit price is calculated) equal to the withdrawal amount and pay the net proceeds of the sale instead of the withdrawal amount to the investor, even if those proceeds do not equal the withdrawal amount.
Large withdrawals from multiple investors If we receive a large amount of withdrawal requests in a single day which exceed the specified limit (currently 10% of the Fund’s value), a proportion of the withdrawal requests may not receive the exit price for that day and may be deemed to be received on the next Business Day.
Delays in realising assets If after taking all reasonable steps, we are unable to realise sufficient assets to satisfy a withdrawal request due to circumstances beyond our control (such as restricted or suspended trading in a market for an asset), or if we believe it is not in the best interests of unitholders to realise assets, the period allowed to satisfy withdrawal requests may be extended by the number of days during which the circumstances apply.
Suspension of withdrawals We may suspend withdrawal requests at any time and for such period as we consider appropriate in the circumstances (which may include where the Fund becomes illiquid). If we do so, the period we take to satisfy withdrawal requests will be extended by the period of the suspension. The exit price will be determined as at the next time we value the Fund after the suspension is lifted.
Net asset value falls by 5% If we consider that the net asset value of the Fund has fallen by 5% or more after the exit price for a withdrawal request has been calculated (but before the unit has been redeemed), we may recalculate the exit price as at a valuation time determined by us.
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