Market Insights

Another take on equity valuations

Stuart Eliot, Diversified Strategies Portfolio Manager
September 19 2014

In the short turn it’s inevitable that equity markets will fall from time to time – but we don’t think the market is intrinsically undervalued. Diversified Strategies Portfolio Manager Stuart Eliot gives three reasons why a major sell-off isn’t lurking around the corner… Continued

Wages growth the excuse we have to have?

Vimal Gor, Head of Income & Fixed Interest
September 16 2014

Is wages growth just an excuse to avoid making a tough decision? Despite relatively strong economic prints in both England and the US, recent dovish statements from the central banks have prompted the market to actually push back expectations… Continued

The secret to diversifying your investment portfolio

Martyn Wild, Diversified Strategies Senior Portfolio Manager
September 11 2014

How does investment diversification work? Here’s how Martyn Wild strikes the balance between minimising risk and growing wealth… Continued

Four key themes from this reporting season

Chris Adams, Portfolio Specialist
September 9 2014

Our Australian equities team saw a few key themes running through the reporting season. Average earnings per share grew around 10% driven by…  Continued

Are Australian Equities Overvalued?

Chris Adams, Portfolio Specialist
September 3 2014

Australian equity valuations are certainly above historical averages. Some market watchers are concerned that the market is ripe for correction, with the ASX200… Continued

The oxymoron hitting retail property – a ‘growth recession’ 

Julia Forrest, REIT Portfolio Manager
September 2 2014

The long-term prognosis is troubling for retail. Consumer spending seems to be starting to recover from the dead zone created by Budget-related shocks. But how long can it last? The answer lies in… Continued

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