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Market Insights

Why I feel Australian official rates have further to fall

Vimal Gor, Head of Income & Fixed Interest
March 25 2015

By far the worst aspect of recent Australian data has been the collapse … Continued

What lower for longer interest rates mean for Australian shares

Crispin Murray, Head of Equity Strategies
March 24 2015

Is the market too expensive given the current economic conditions? Continued

When Is It Too Good To Be A Long Term Investor?

Samir Mehta, Senior Fund Manager, JO Hambro Capital Management
March 12 2015

I allocate up to 20-25% of my portfolio to cyclical stocks when markets are extremely risk averse. When investors expect tough times ahead and cyclical stocks tend to get beaten down, those stocks usually trade at very cheap multiples…Continued

A new world of yield

Chris Adams, Portfolio Specialist, BT Investment Management
March 10 2015

It is interesting to note the dramatic convergence of yield in the market; yield dispersion in the market has fallen to its lowest point in 15 years…Continued

One oil price, two countries, one investment pick – the devil’s in the detail

James Syme, Senior Fund Manager, JOHCM
February 16 2015

There are winners and losers from the oil price plunge; in general terms the winners are the oil importers and the losers are the oil exporters…Continued

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