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Market Insights

Why the $A will see at least some support

Vimal Gor, Head of Income and Fixed Interest
October 23 2014

It is more beneficial to look at the strength of the US$ against all currencies rather than the weakness of the $A individually…. Continued

Many choices in ethical investing

Chris Adams, Portfolio Specialist
October 23 2014

Ethical and sustainable investing are often confused. Ethical investment is a subjective minefield – which is ironic, given that companies producing landmines are one of the few exclusions … Continued

Why Europe is turning Japanese

Vimal Gor, Head of Income and Fixed Interest
October 17 2014

Outside of central bank action, the economics (and demographics) point towards a future Eurozone that looks very much like modern day Japan… Continued

It may pay to apply for an investment home loan now

Chris Caton, Chief Economist, BT Financial Group
October 9 2014

House prices have risen rapidly in the past year, leading many analysts (particularly those overseas) to conclude we have a bubble on our hands and it all must inevitably end in tears… Continued

Emerging Markets: same same but different

Chris Adams, Portfolio Specialist
October 3 2014

While it’s true that markets with greater exposure to US monetary policy will face headwinds as quantitative easing winds back, there are a number of opportunities in economies that will benefit from US economic improvement that investors can exploit…. Continued

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