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Market Insights

Can we expect more cuts from the Reserve Bank?

Steve Campbell, Portfolio Manager
February 27 2015

The market is split 50/50 on whether the Reserve Bank will cut rates. Portfolio Manager Steve Campbell gives his prediction – and looks at the factors that will drive the RBA’s decision… Continued

More free lunches in investing…

Martyn Wild, Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Diversified Strategies
February 23 2015

Several of our funds are number one. Happy times, but clients often choose these occasions to pose questions along the lines of; “What other things can you do to improve my investment outcomes?” …Continued

Whiskey Au Go Go – the year of volatile spirits

Vimal Gor, Head of Income & Fixed Interest
February 18 2015

If you needed any more proof that markets are in for a ride, here it is…. Continued

One oil price, two countries, one investment pick – the devil’s in the detail

James Syme, Senior Fund Manager, JOHCM
February 16 2015

There are winners and losers from the oil price plunge; in general terms the winners are the oil importers and the losers are the oil exporters…Continued

Chris Caton empathises: it’s ok to be confused 

Chris Caton, Chief Economist, BTFG
February 10 2015

Oil price great for some, but does it tell us global growth has been poor? Falling oil prices are clearly good for Australian consumers (unless you are poor and hence don’t drive!) but not for LNG producers, and possibly also coal producers….Continued

Online China a lesson for the future

Samir Mehta, Portfolio Manager, BT Asian Share Fund
February 6 2015

Experience of existing businesses in China from online ecommerce will provide great lessons for entrepreneurs in the rest of Asia…Continued

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