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The big surprise about Australian resource companies and the lower Australian dollar

Brenton Saunders, Portfolio Manager & Analyst
November 27 2014

Most people would expect the depreciation of the Australian dollar to be positive for Australian resources stocks. Portfolio Manager Brenton Saunders tells us why it’s not that cut and dried… Continued

It’s about the end of US interest rate increases, as well as the start

Peter Farac, Portfolio Manager
November 24 2014

It seems everyone is concerned with the timing of the Federal Reserve’s first interest rate hike, but we are as concerned with when, and at what level, its last rate hike comes… Continued

Interest rates a soldier in the currency wars

Vimal Gor, Head of Income and Fixed Interest
November 18 2014

The rally of the greenback against nearly every currency triggered by the BoJ’s latest move shows just how dangerous QE can be for the US… Continued

Google and Amazon already being surpassed?

James Syme, Fund Manager JOHCM
November 14 2014

Move over Google. We believe that there are Emerging Market software, service and e-commerce giants with global scale, robust and innovative business models, high levels of profitability and years of strong growth ahead…. Continued

Why Europe will not fall into recession

Chris Caton, Chief Economist, BTFG
November 12 2014

The region will record less than 1% growth for 2014 which isn’t too stellar but bear in mind output in the European Union never actually fell last year… Continued

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