Market Insights

Where’s your strategy when you’re spooked by the market? 

Martyn Wild, Senior Portfolio Manager, Diversified Strategies
August 28 2014

What to do if the market comes down with the September shivers? Here’s two, time-tested strategies for growing wealth in uncertain times… Continued

TBH – China Mobile a standout SOE

Samir Mehta, Senior Fund Manager, J O Hambro
August 21 2014

I’m anticipating China Mobile will re-rate 20-30% higher from today. While the stock has been a poor investment in the past seven years, I believe the future holds great promise… Continued

When market returns aren’t market returns

Martyn Wild, Senior Portfolio Manager, Diversified Strategies
August 18 2014

So when are market returns on one side of the world not market returns on the other side of the world? July was a perfect example. Here’s what happens when the US market takes a turn after Australians close their books… Continued

3 reasons regional shopping centres aren’t ‘mall-adjusted’

Julia Forrest, REIT Portfolio Manager
August 14 2014

There’s golden investment opportunities in regional malls. While the overall retail sector continues to face headwinds, here are three reasons why regional shopping centres may be investors’ pick… Continued

When Governor Stevens’ jawbone breaks

Vimal Gor, Head of Income & Fixed Interest
August 12 2014

The fight for a lower currency is on. As most people with any interest in Australian economics know, Governor Stevens’ jawbone must be getting seriously brawny; what with the more than two years of talking down the Aussie dollar he’s been doing… Continued

Cash flow more important than gas flow

August 6 2014

There’s a new force moving markets. Volatility appears to be back from the dead – with the market fear index jumping 27% as July drew to a close. What’s hard to believe is that the greatest spike of… Continued

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